That’s because the rest of the car is amazing. American cars (with a few exceptions) not so much. also, an Alfa just has something. You never understand till you have driven or owned one. Mine was the BIGGEST PAIN IN THE ASS of any car I’ve ever owned...but...I loved it and regret selling it and want it back.
» 4/21/15 11:34pm Tuesday 11:34pm

I would get up and buy one right goddamn now if it was sold in the US. Actually, I would have bought one long ago, because it’s a fairly old platform. But I’ve owned an Alfa, so I already get it. If you haven’t, you don’t. There is no such thing as an ugly Alfa. Except maybe the Milano (75). Maybe. Yeah, kinda. Ok the… » 4/17/15 10:37pm 4/17/15 10:37pm

Well, I do love the brand...and my 500 is really starting to finally seem too small now that I have two kids, and goddamn the 500L is ugly. But I think I'll wait and buy one a year or so old that someone else got kicked in the balls on depreciation, just like I did on my 500. :) » 4/17/15 10:09am 4/17/15 10:09am