I am always glad my brain has room to file away interesting info like this, even though I may never use it ever, but my wife really loves Japanese anything, so maybe I'll find a way to use it. Although finding Japanese clothing in either of our sizes might be an exercise in futility. » 7/26/14 3:26am Saturday 3:26am

Oppo, I am very sad tonight. (and also at the very end...GOOD NEWS!)

Mainly because I haven't been able to sell my 240sx, so I haven't been able to buy a truck to flip, so I can buy another truck to flip, so I'd have enough profits from the three flips to pay off my Mazda3 and get rid of it, thereby paving the way for me to give the wife my 500, and purchase one of two amazing '90s… » 7/26/14 1:18am Saturday 1:18am